This photo came about when walking down 23rd Street in New City. I was actually on the my way back from getting a hair cut. While I was walking down the side walk, I noticed a graffiti and sticker bombed gate on my left, down an alleyway. The high walls, which the gate was wedged in between, shed down an amazing amount of light fall-off to the gate; which is probably why I noticed it in the first place. Above the beautiful imperfections of the gate, stood a cross. The cross in which Christ dies on is the ultimate sign of salvation. This piece of unnoticed art reminded me that when Christ calls us, He calls us during all points in our life. We could be white as snow, or scourged with ink. It doesn’t matter where we are, He just wants us to leave it all at the foot of salvation and enter into heaven gates, both in this lifetime and the next. I had my Fuji X- Pro1 with a 28mm lens to capture this scene. I left with this amazing image and one of the worst haircuts of my life.