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The Movement

What Moves us?

We live in a world where nearly everyone has access to a camera. It has never been easier to document and record our lives. With the click of a button, we can show others the beauty of the world from the original creator. That’s where One Secret Mission comes in.

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good”
— Genesis 1:31

What is OSM?

What is OSM?

One Secret Mission™ (OSM) is an urban Catholic creative studio, with a streetwear brand component. The creative studio provides Free Catholic Photos for whatever you need. These photos are submitted by people just like you, that have the same reaction towards beauty and want to share it. Our studio also provides your company and/or ministry the personalized approach it deserves. We are a small tight group that specialize in graphic design, print design, photography and branding.

Our streetwear brand is our inner passion. it’s the fire inside that we hope to share with those who appreciate it. Our movement is all about leading a conversation to Christ through beauty and experiencing beauty. Through out the year we host Meet Ups and Events to help cultivate those who are creative, and those who appreciate it.

We believe God created that natural calling in all of us to capture the moments of beauty we find in life, when he saw all that he made and said it was very “good”

Who We Are

Who we are

We are a disciple of Jesus Christ, a modern-day apostle if you will. We strive for sainthood in a counter-cultural world. 

We are also an artist, and these two parts of us go hand in hand. We create because we were made in the image and likeness of a Creator. The act of creating speaks to the very core of who you are, because He passed on His creative spark to you.

We are an artist of the world , but we get to share in the work of the Divine Artist.

We believe every photo has a story and any story can open the hearts of anyone. We are willing to leave the 99, in search of the 1 in the outskirts of night. We are a modern day apostle, and that term tugs at our heart. Does it tug at yours?




Creative Director

Bradley is a graduate from Seattle Central Creative Academy and an award winning art director in university recruitment.

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Design & Automation Marketing

Aubrey is awesome at web design.

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