Christ The Redeemer


When I was a teenager I saw the movie Romeo & Juliet with Leonardo Di Caprio and Claire Danes. I fell inlove with the movie. Most of all, the thing that gave such an impression to me, was when they showed a giant statue of Jesus high above a mountain stretching his arms out. I was mesmerized. After that, it became one of my greatest wish in life to see that statue in person... of course. After finding out that it was real and not computer edited. 

After more than a decade, I was able to travel to Brazil because of the World Youth Day 2012... and I was able to see the statue two thousand feet high on Mt. Corcovado.

During my travel in Brazil, I brought with me an old Kodak APS film that my father owned, I also had three 24-shots kodak aps film roll that I kept for many years after I bought it when my local photo shop sold it’s last APS film rolls due to it being phased out and out of production... I always kept those three films waiting for the time until I found the right occasion to use it. I never knew I was meant to save it until the day I was to meet and see Christ the Redeemer..