In the Heart of the City

an OSM studio story written by Gerardo Butalid


What can we do for the young adults of this city?

It was a simple question that I posed to Jason Kidd, who was at the time interim director of youth and young adults for the archdiocese of Portland.


"I was new to Portland but felt a pull from the Holy Spirit" 



  I had no idea what that something was or how that something would look like but I knew that God was stirring my heart to take action.

I was sitting in the grotto when the idea came to fruition, let’s have a night of prayer and adoration in the heart of the city for the people of the city. Let’s attack the culture, let’s come together as a greater Catholic community, and let’s have God stake His claim.

let’s come together as a greater Catholic community, and let’s have God stake His claim.

The idea was in my head for a while and I had no idea how to carry out the plan.  It turns out that there were young adults who were yearning for the same thing.  We got together at a coffee shop proposed a game plan and from there God laid everything in place.

Using Mary, our greatest intercessor and example, as a spark for the city of Portland.

Fr. Tim Furlow offered St. Mary’s Cathedral as the location and Archbishop Sample hopped on board to assist us with benediction and confession.  We circled the feast of the Immaculate Conception (December 8) as the day this night would take place. 


" young adults were yearning for the same thing"


There was an excitement and nervousness when setting up and getting ready.  This was one of the first times an event like this was taking place inside the cathedral.  This was new for everyone.  It was that rawness and newness that I felt in my prayer the whole night. 

 It was that rawness and newness that I felt in my prayer the whole night. 

From the beginning you can sense that the Holy Spirit was molding every single soul who came to pray.  Not molding them into the same thought or unity, but molding them into the freeness and joy that is found in Christ alone.


You can tell that everyone was experiencing God in there own way that night; through the music, the eucharist, confession, the message - everything that took place was sacred and real.  

Portland has always been known as a city in which Christ is absent.  On December 8th, 2017 we reversed that thought.   The new has come Christ is here, Christ has been here, and our city will move forward with young adults on a mission to proclaim Christ as the center and the heart of this city.  



“Go, stand in the temple courts,” he said, “and tell the people all about this new life.”

— Acts 5:20

Peter was arrested, in all truth he may have thought his ministry and mission was done.  Suddenly an angel comes, opens the prison door, frees him and tells him to go out and tell the world about this “new” life.   What a new and wonderful life it is. 

You will be persecuted, you will be mocked, you will be tested but God will always call you back out to share in the wonderful life that can only be lived with Him. As young adults it is a challenge to spread the gospel, but there is no greater story then the story of Christ and story as baptized Christians we are privileged to share.  


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