St. James


This photo was taken when a friend and I were exploring downtown Seattle. Him being a cook and me being a graphic designer our interpretations on lighting and design of this cathedral were very different but we both had this instant mutual feelings of inspiration. This opened my eyes to something bigger in the route of inspiration and the connection with our hearts. 


Morning Fog


This morning was just a freshly reminder that beauty is everywhere. With sometimes how uninspiring life can get dragging yourself to work can feel really painful. Look at this sun hit the fog just reminded me that there is always light and in tough moments.


Chance The Rapper


This photo was the sum of a very inspiring concert from one of my favorite rappers. His  shining light of his faith ended with a message "Just talk to Him" With him subtly saying God blessed his life in so many ways and he encourage everyone that listen to his music to just try and talk to him and you will be blessed. All our blessings will come from Him if we just talk to Him. This just makes me want to serve God and not separate myself from this world. Glory be to God